Website WordPress Design Trends in 2021

For many years, WordPress has proven itself as one of the ideal platforms for developing a quality website or blog. One of the reasons it has grown in popularity over the years is how flexible the platform is, thanks to the use of plugins and various other tools. It creates a virtual sandbox for people to experiment with WordPress web design, which helps developers build more advanced plugs and tools for the platform. It’s a cycle that has helped WordPress grow over the years into something genuinely substantial.

That said, WordPress has grown to the point where it can be challenging to figure out the best way to design a website through the platform. There are so many different methods and plugins to get the job done that it can be easy to get overwhelmed, especially for company owners that want to make an impact. One way to help find the right direction for a company is to look at what one’s competitors are doing, or what they have designed when it comes to WordPress websites.

While the number of design trends can be pretty overwhelming, all the company owner has to do is focus on the most popular trends. It will not do to spread one’s focus too thin, especially since one of the core tenets of web optimization is to keep things simple. Here are some of the best WordPress design trends in 2021!

The impact of video content on web design

While video content was always seen as an optional feature for most websites, videos are growing to be the most popular form of content to spread the word. There are content creators out there that make a living on nothing but video content, and people are becoming more used to the idea of having video content as their primary source of entertainment. The best part is that a company can focus on anything it wants while simultaneously having video content as a digital marketing tool.

There are also plenty of different ways to shape video content into what the company needs. While it might take some effort for those who do not have too much experience, having video content on any WordPress website is preferable, and it can even be a link to video content on websites such as YouTube, allowing the company to take advantage of potential monetization on the streaming website.

The use of WordPress web design is rooted in accessibility

If there is one trend a company owner can follow to digital marketing success in a competitive industry landscape, it would be a focus on accessibility over everything else. For example, with the aforementioned video content, it is surprisingly easy to push for accessibility by adding captions and audio descriptions to the video. It might not seem like a big deal, but a large percentage of people have disabilities, and making something like video content more accessible is undoubtedly a great way to grow in popularity. Garnering the attention, support, and loyalty of those with hearing or visual impairments is a boon for any business, which is why it is never a bad idea to consider accessibility when designing a website.

A minimalist design gets the job done

One of the rules of thumb when designing a business website is to focus on simplicity over everything else. Not only will online visitors appreciate a company that respects their time by focusing on simplicity, but it is also the easier route to follow when it comes to web design. There is no need to bombard online users with paragraph after paragraph of text or utilize anything cryptic when it comes to information. The idea is to get the information across within the first few seconds of visiting a website, which seems challenging, but it is more about condensing the goals of a company into as few words as possible.

With the proper mindset, it can be quite easy to get into minimalist web design, especially when it comes to site accessories and widgets. The only thing the company owner has to do is to ask themselves whether certain accessories or widgets are needed for the site to function. If it is all about converting online users to buyers, the crucial aspect is to get them to the products and services quickly and efficiently. Having the main page that gives the necessary information and keeping the website as easy to navigate as possible is the goal.

Aside from the above tips, there are also advantages in adding chatbots to a website, especially for small businesses that cannot answer the questions of online users twenty-four hours a day. Looking for ways to convert curious online users into paying customers is the reason why some of the above trends are so popular, and why it can be so easy for even inexperienced company owners to design quality WordPress websites.